Weekly Rides

Once daylight savings time begins each year, the Divas have weekly rides every Tuesday. We meet at a pre-determined mountain bike park, divide into categories, ride, socialize, and have lots of fun encouraging each other and improving our riding skills. Each group has a leader who knows the trail and can assist you with riding skills. These are all volunteers. If you know the trail, you can sign up to be a ride leader at a Diva meeting. Please see the calendar to see where our next ride will be held. The trails page will give you directions. Updates on the forum will reflect last minute changes due to weather.

Dirt Divas Riding Categories

Beginner: This group is designed for someone with limited experience riding single track trails, has been riding for less than a year, does not ride very often, or frequently walks sections of trail due to technical ability. This group always has a ride leader, and the pace is slower, with opportunities to work on trail obstacles. There are frequent stops and plenty of time to re-group and catch your breath.  A leaderless group for the riders that don’t necessarily ride as fast as the intermediate group, but have more technical ability and endurance than beginners. This group is a more social ride, with frequent stops, but less work on trail-riding skills.

Intermediate: This group has a group leader and rides at a moderate pace. There are fewer stops, but the group will stop occasionally to re-group. This is the group for people who have been riding for a couple of years or have been riding consistently and have the technical skills to ride most of the trail obstacles on Charlotte trails.

Advanced: This group has a leader, and the pace is moderate to fast. There are few stops. The group will stop at any trail intersections or between laps (depending on the trail) so nobody gets lost or left behind. Generally, the riders in this group are technically competent and aerobically fit.

Skills Clinics

We hold Skills Clinics for all levels of riding, at various Charlotte mountain bike parks, during the summer months. In the winter months we have maintenance clinics hosted by various local bike shops. Beginners strongly encouraged to attend.

The Dirt Diva Caroline Washam Clinics are now available for registration!

Register Here!

Please note – you must register as a Dirt Diva member in order to attend this clinic.

Beginner Clinic – Saturday 3/23 from 9am-12pm, $40

BEGINNER riders will learn basic mountain bike skills that will help you become a more confident and in-control rider. We will work on standing out of the saddle and moving the bike dynamically, shifting, braking, direction control and basic maneuvers with field-based skills drills. After skills and drills, we will ride to Park Road Park trail* and work on trail scanning, cornering and navigating momentum blockers with confidence.

Intermediate Clinic – Saturday 3/23 from 1pm – 4pm, $40

Riders who plan to attend this clinic should have experience riding singletrack mountain bike trails, can use the controls of their bike (shifting and braking) with confidence, and be comfortable riding out of the saddle while rolling over small trail obstacles.

INTERMEDIATE riders will focus on cornering techniques and dynamic movements on the bike that will translate to better bike handling on the trail. We will practice maneuvers like wheel lifts in a controlled setting before heading to Marion Deihl, Park Road Park (more advanced side), or Backyard Trails* where our goal will be to ride with confidence and control while pushing ourselves to try new things!


Advanced clinic – Sunday 3/17 from 9am – 4pm (lunch break at 12pm-1pm), $70

Riders who plan to attend this clinic should be able to lift front and rear wheels most of the time when attempted. Previous fundamental skills training is a plus, but not required. Riders should be interested in trying new things, riding faster with more confidence, stepping out of their comfort zone, getting their wheels off the ground, and/or fine-tuning their existing skill set. Advanced riding is not equivalent to endurance/fitness.

ADVANCED riders will learn complex maneuvers like wheelies, wheel lifts, and bunny hops with a focus on getting up and over obstacles and progressing to jumps and drops on the trail. Riders will also focus on cornering techniques that combine dynamic movements and pumping to increase traction and speed. We will practice maneuvers in a controlled setting before heading to Marion Deihl, Park Road Park (more advanced side), and Backyard Trails* where we will session a variety of terrain features (including wood skinnies, tabletop jumps, drops, rock gardens, and technical climbs).

*We will respect all trail closures


Clinic Checklist:

-Bike: This is a trail-based clinic, so please use the bike that you would usually ride for your local XC trail. Make sure your bike is in good working order before the clinic (brakes are working, shifting is performing like it should, tires are holding air and inflated to the proper PSI, etc).

-Helmet (you need one!)

-Shoes/pedals: For this clinic, please use the shoes/ pedals you normally use on the trail. If you use both flats and clipless, flats are a better choice for learning proper technique during a skills clinic.

-Seat Height: If you do not have a dropper seat post, we may want to lower your seat height for the first half of the day when we are working on dynamic movements on the bike. Please be prepared to lower your seat by knowing your seat height or marking your seatpost where it is inserted into the frame.

-Please bring your hydration pack or a water bottle to use during the clinic and afternoon trail session

-Wear clothes you would normally ride in. Make sure to look at the weather the night before and dress accordingly.

-Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your clinic to get ready to ride!

It is mandatory that you complete the survey and the waiver (see links on the registration page).

Rain Policy

In the case of light rain/ trail closures due to previous rain, the beginner and intermediate clinics will focus on field- based skills drills. In the case of heavy rain on the day of the beginner and intermediate clinics, a refund will be issued. The Dirt Divas may look for an alternate date in September or October for the beginner and intermediate clinic if the clinics are cancelled however this is not guaranteed.

In case of rain/trail closure for the advanced clinic, a refund will be issued. The Dirt Divas may look for an alternative date in September or October however this is not guaranteed.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your registration seven days in advance of the clinic for a full refund. That means you may cancel your registration on 3/10 for the 3/17 clinic; and 3/16 for the 3/23 clinic.

If you cancel after 3/10 for the 3/17 clinic or after 3/16 for the 3/23 clinic then you will be issued a 50% refund. If you need to do so we ask that you attempt to find someone to take you place. Please note that the Dirt Divas are a volunteer, non-profit organization, and if you cancel, then the club has to subsidize the cost difference.

Please email events@dirtdivas.net with your questions.

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Spring Trip

When: Fri, April 26, 6pm – Sun, April 28, 5pm

Where: Bradley Creek Falls Lodge & Event Center, 925 Pine Shore Lake, Brevard, NC 28712, USA

Membership and registration are required for this event.

We will ride Dupont on Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday and dinner Saturday night. There will be 4 different level groups with ride leaders each day.

More info coming soon!

Monthly Meetings

Our Monthly Meeting is held on the 3rd Tuesday “Jan – Nov.” the remainder of meetings are rotated between sponsor shops with a clinic and social. 
See the Dirt Divas Calendar for meeting locations each month!

The meeting typically begins with a guest speaker and continues with a discussion of upcoming events & club involvement in the mountain biking community. Members and non-members are welcome.

Day Trips

The Divas venture outside the Charlotte area several times a year for day trips to explore new trails. Locations are typically within 2 hours drive of Charlotte and have included places like Dark Mountain in Wilkesboro, NC; The New River Trail in southern VA; the FATS Trail System near Augusta, GA; and Clemson’s Issequeena Trails in SC; to name a few.

Uwharrie Day Trip
Sunday, March 3
Uwharrie Trail Head, 2447-, 2665 NC-109, Troy, NC 27371

For people wishing to carpool/caravan, we will meet at the Speedway gas station at 13354 Albemarle Road at 9:00 AM. For anyone wishing to meet at the trailhead we will meet there at 10:30. We will split up into 3 groups of beginner, intermediate, and advanced with ride leaders for each group. After the ride, we will head over to Five Points Public House in Albemarle to get some food.

Trail Work

The Divas regularly team up with the Tarheel Trailblazers, PASA, REI and other Bicycle Shop sponsors to assist with area trail building and maintenance. No experience is necessary as experienced crew leaders are always on hand to guide our efforts. Tools are provided so all that is needed are sturdy boots or shoes, work gloves, water and a snack. It is a rewarding experience that provides an opportunity to give back to the local community while meeting new friends. The trail work season typically runs through the winter months Nov. – Mar.


Every year we choose special events in the greater Charlotte Area for the Divas to partner. Giving back to our community means a great deal to us so join us between 24 Hours of Booty, Trips for Kids, Project Angel, or Girls Scout Rides. Check out more info on how you can be involved HERE.

Trail Status

Courtesy of the Tarheel Trailblazers

Tarheel TrailBlazers Mobile
Ballantyne District Park
Open - 03/19/19 06:00 PM
Big Leaf Slopes Park
Open - 03/18/19 1230
North Mecklenburg Park
Open - 03/18/19 8:45am
Back Yard Trail
Open - 03/17/19 12:00
Col. Francis Beatty Park
Open - 03/17/19 9:00 am
Sherman Branch
Open - 03/17/19 7:00 AM
Lake Norman State Park
Open - 03/17/19 7:00 AM
Rocky Branch Trail
Open - 03/12/19 5:00 pm
Southwest District Park
Open - 03/12/19 4:48p
Jetton Park
Open - 03/12/19 15:42
Fisher Farm Park/Allison Farms Regional Park
Open - 03/12/19 8:00am
Park Road Park
Open - 03/12/19 14:00
Rocky River Trail
Open - 03/10/19 05:00 pm
Renaissance Park
Closed - 02/14/19 1:00
Mazeppa Park
Closed - 01/26/19 3:00pm
Anne Springs Close Greenway
Call for Status - 08/31/17 08:00
US National Whitewater Center
Trail Status
Click link - 08/31/17 08:00
Status only updated
when conditions change