What's Our Mission?

Our Mission is to provide all types of opportunities for women mountain bikers, from beginners to experts. The Dirt Divas are a mountain biking club for women of all ages and skill levels who share an enthusiasm for mountain biking and cycling. We make it easier to find compatible women riders by scheduling group rides and events. With fun and fitness in mind, Dirt Diva rides encourage a safe and supportive environment for women who ride the trails. We also strive to protect our environment by participating in regular trail maintenance and our involvement in the community with bicycling advocacy. The sound of "Wa-hoo" echoing through the woods implies your adventure with the Dirt Divas has just begun...Our objectives and initiatives are as follows:

  • Offer weekly rides from April to October (spring, summer and fall) and bi-monthly rides in the winter months
  • Update and maintain our website (www.dirtdivas.net) to provide a wide variety of bicycling information and opportunities for group rides, bike maintenance and safety sessions, mountain biking products, racing, and great riding areas
  • Increase membership and involvement through club activities and sponsorships
  • Help beginners break into the sport and enjoy mountain biking, as well as facilitate the continued improvement of riding skills of all levels of participants
  • Help riders gain confidence for first time races or maintain fitness for series races throughout the year
  • Encourage participation in monthly skills clinics and bi-annual maintenance clinics to improve knowledge of bike handling skills and bike equipment
  • Promote mountain biking to girls and women of all ages to encourage self-improvement and confidence in themselves and others which can relate to skills used in everyday life
  • Protect, maintain and assist with building and maintaining trails in conjunction with the Tarheel TrailBlazers

We want to thank all of our sponsors for your continued support of the Dirt Divas. We have experienced tremendous growth in club membership over the years and anticipate additional growth during the years to come. The Divas are very excited about the enthusiasm of our members and are constantly striving to provide opportunities for them to further pursue their interest in the sport of mountain biking.

Since we are a non-profit organization, our two main funding sources come from the membership dues and our generous sponsors who have done so much in helping get our Club off the ground. Please contact us for more information.

Trail Status

Courtesy of the Tarheel Trailblazers

Tarheel TrailBlazers Mobile
Mazeppa Park
Open - 12/04/19 12:30pm
Fisher Farm Park/Allison Farms Regional Park
Open - 12/04/19 8:00am
North Mecklenburg Park
Open - 12/04/19 10:00a
Col. Francis Beatty Park
Open - 12/04/19 7:00 am
Purser-Hulsey Park
Open - 12/04/19 7:00 am
Back Yard Trail
Open - 12/04/19 06:00
Lake Norman State Park
Open - 12/03/19 09:03
Jetton Park
Open - 12/03/19 08:30
Sherman Branch
Open - 12/03/19 7:00 AM
Park Road Park
Open - 12/02/19 20:00
Ballantyne District Park
Open - 12/02/19 8:00 AM
Southwest District Park
Open - 12/02/19 5:00pm
Rocky River Trail
Open - 12/02/19 06:00 am
Anne Springs Close Greenway
Call for Status - 08/31/17 803.547.4575
Rocky Branch Trail
Open - 11/25/19 5:00pm
Mountain Island Lake Trail
Open - 11/25/19 8:00 am
Renaissance Park
Closed - 11/23/19 4:20
Cedar Valley Bike Park
Closed - 11/23/19 8am
US National Whitewater Center
Trail Status
Click link - 08/31/17 08:00
Status only updated
when conditions change