Anne Springs Close Greenway

Single-track, two way trail that includes a couple of rock gardens, some root sections, and a couple of bridges. The trail runs along a creek and provides some nice views.

Cane Creek

Cane Creek has a large trail system with some of the fastest sections around.

Fisher Farm Park

Trail with diverse terrain to appeal to all skill levels. Consists of a main beginner loop, two intermediate loops and one advanced loop.

Colonel Francis Beatty Park

Great for beginners or for those looking for a fast ride. Not real technical but does have a few little tricky areas.

George Poston Park 

Lowell, NC

Harrisburg Short Track 

The Harrisburg Trail is a "short track" open to all skill levels with short track (dirt criterion) racing in mind.

Hobby Park

A few mild climbs, with about 7 miles of technical trails.

Lake Norman State Park / Itusi Trail

The Itusi trail (which incorporates the Hicks Creek and Norwood Loops) total approximately 6.5 miles in length.

North Mecklenburg Park

Tight single track. Watch out for on coming riders, this trail is bi-directional. Not very technical, but fast and fun to ride.

Owl's Roost

Out-and-Back trail located along Lake Brandt, on the north side of Greensboro. 7.6 miles of singletrack; 1.7 miles of doubletrack.

Renaissance Park

Renaissance has about 6 miles of tight twisty single track. Ride around the back parking lot to see trails.

Sherman Branch

11.2 miles of flowing single track. 600 feet of climbing

Tanglewood Park

This trail is awesome. It is very tight singletrack (particularly the first section) and very fast.


Some say Tsali is the best riding east of the Mississippi. There are 4 loops, with nearly 40 miles of trails.

US National Whitewater Center  

Great trail with some killer uphills. This trail is one that kicks your butt regardless how many times you ride it.

Trail Status

Courtesy of the Tarheel Trailblazers

Tarheel TrailBlazers Mobile
Park Road Park
Open - 11/17/19 06:00
Back Yard Trail
Open - 11/17/19 06:00
Cedar Valley Bike Park
Open - 11/16/19 12:00pm
North Mecklenburg Park
Open - 11/16/19 9:30a
Mazeppa Park
Open - 11/15/19 2:30pM
Purser-Hulsey Park
Closed - 11/15/19 2:00 pm
Col. Francis Beatty Park
Closed - 11/15/19 2:00 pm
Fisher Farm Park/Allison Farms Regional Park
Open - 11/15/19 8:00am
Ballantyne District Park
Closed - 11/15/19 6:30 AM
Lake Norman State Park
Open - 11/14/19 11:30
Jetton Park
Open - 11/14/19 08:00
Sherman Branch
Open - 11/14/19 7:00 AM
Mountain Island Lake Trail
Open - 11/14/19 8:00 am
Rocky Branch Trail
Open - 11/14/19 8:00 am
Rocky River Trail
Open - 11/01/19 04:00 pm
Southwest District Park
Open - 04/12/19 4:48p
Renaissance Park
Open - 08/27/19 03:00pm
Anne Springs Close Greenway
Call for Status - 08/31/17 08:00
US National Whitewater Center
Trail Status
Click link - 08/31/17 08:00
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